Drive Profitable Direct Bookings

Revenue improvement also means being less dependent on OTAs.
Results start with the build of an intelligent database of profiled (potential) guests.


Simply online

Hospitality Marketing Automation

You direct (potential) guests specifically and measurably to your booking site, your local F&B and the MICE range.

iConneqt is a powerful online platform that will contribute to more direct bookings and thus, a better result. Combined in a user-friendly way are:

  • Online Database Management (CRM) with
  • Smart interaction on your website,
  • Social media share and powerful professional email marketing.

Your database forms the basis with profiled (potential) guests

You will improve results and start long-term relations

iConneqt’s online marketing and sales database is smart and flexible. Potential guests can be profiled limitlessly. That knowledge will enable you to anticipate effectively in your communication.

Personal & Relevant (engagement)
From the database you simply send tailored emails to hundreds or thousands of (potential) guests, all within 10 minutes.
The database is linked to your website and provides automated personal communication. 24/7.
You share information simply, through social media.






Database Management (CRM)

  • Newsletter subscribers 78%
  • Families 46%
  • Senior Couples 32%
  • Couples 20-50 57%
  • Singles 21%
  • Database bookings 23,7%


You simply create smart web forms and web landing pages with iConneqt


You want to continuously extend your (potential) guest database. So you place striking web forms in different spots on your site, through which the visitor can subscribe to your Newsletter. Next, the process with personal follow-up emails will start. Automated. 24/7.


You do your utmost to get to know your (potential) guests. So you share information. About hotels, locations, facilities, etc. You simply place web forms on your site. Personalized emails and digital documentation (PDFs) are sent automatically within minutes by iConneqt.


Privacy and the protection of customer data are no longer of secondary importance. Your (potential) guests have safe access to their own data. 24/7. They can alter and add to those data themselves. Subscribe and unsubscribe.


It is very easy to place participation forms for meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. on your site or to create a webpage within iConneqt. The following process of sending confirmation emails, email updates, etc. is fully automated.



Use powerful email marketing options to work specifically and measurably on the result.

Email is by far the most powerful channel for finding and binding (potential) guests.

Julia has been integrated into iConneqt. It is one of the most powerful email marketing editors.
It will be easy to control your quality/brand and your operational costs will drop rapidly.


Drag & Drop the best campaigns

You build a template or have one built. With drag and drop, it is easy to move lay-out blocks and pre-design blocks to the desired spot in your template.

You communicate personally

You simply integrate data from the customer profile into your email campaigns. You address her or him personally. Content is automatically tailored to the customer profile. You will score better!



The Brand Protector

No designer is needed for the regular email campaigns. It simply is a matter of changing images and text. iConneqt controls the quality based on the corporate identity.

Automated anticipation on shown interest and on benchmark moments in time


In fact, with iConneqt, the “old-fashioned” host is back.
You communicate personally, appropriately and at the right moment.

Starting up the welcoming route for a Newsletter

You personally thank (potential) guests for subscribing to your Newsletter. You simply choose to verify the email address (opt-in – double opt-in) and to enrich your database.

Automated response to shown interest

Automatically send personal follow-up emails in response to clicking behavior. For example: following a click on a certain location, a digital brochure about that location is sent automatically ‘tomorrow’.

Automated emails at certain moments in time

Automatically send personal follow-up emails on or after a certain date. For example, one month after a request for information, or six months after a stay, on a birthday, you name it…

Automated emails following a booking and a stay

You wish to welcome guests when they make a booking, make them look forward by sending an email about the location. Afterwards, you want to say welcome home… and ask them a few questions about their stay.





We notice that the hotels’ restaurant and bar selection is increasingly serving a local purpose.That affects the F&B result and the hotel guests’ experience.

With iConneqt, you can stimulate that local revenue relatively easily in a specific and quantifiable way.
(Former) guests and Newsletter subscribers are linked automatically to a branch near their place of residence and … (…).




Social Media Integration



You can share specific messages or offers through social media.
But of course there is also the standard, sharing the entire Newsletter.



Who has read what, when, and from which location? (Geo Location Reporting)
What is of interest? Which location in the email campaign works best? (Heatmaps)
How do the results compare to last year? What are the booking results in relation to Google Analytics and more…

  • Number of delivered emails 91%
  • Opened emails 50%
  • Link clicks 20%
  • Forwarded emails 11%
  • Best-scoring offer 45%
  • And more > much more 99%

Audited for Email Measurement Accuracy

Audited-for-Email-Measurement-Accuracy-iConneqtiConneqt has implemented the new international industry standards for email marketing that were developed by the Email Experience Council (EEC). Thus, iConneqt meets the new S.A.M.E. (Support Adoption of Metrics for Email) email measurement standards.




Integrated with iConneqt-ClientFile

Super simple CRM for one-to-one relation management

Managing guests and other contacts by location was never easier.
Local mutations are processed automatically and immediately in the central database.

Quick & Easy recording of guest information
Quickly finding and approaching contacts and amending information

Support of Sales & Customer Service:
– Direct insight into contacts: Newsletter subscribers, guests, business prospects, etc.
– Easy recording of contact moments by phone, email and letter.
– Immediate insight into contact history, of colleagues as well.
– Smartphone reminders (e.g. with regard to a submitted quotation).





Interested in seeing more?

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 We have been provided with the Privacy Seal quality label.


We have been acknowledged and are a S.A.M.E. Project Supporter.


For privacy reasons no data are stored in the USA.

Four integrated functions within one platform. Simply online.

Database Marketing

Email marketing

Web interaction

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