Anticipating on Booking Behavior


Direct bookings matter to Hotels. Building a database of former and potential guests is of crucial strategic importance.

With iConneqt that is easy. Simple online.



Connecting with your PMS


The iConneqt connector with your Property Management System(PMS) or Chanel manager makes it possible to manage the full life-cycle bookings process—from newsletter subscription  to placement—to drive revenue growth and improve sales process efficiency.
As a hotel you have insight into customer profiles and booking behavior.


  • You anticipate this customer knowledge with strong personal data-driven email campaigns.
  • You direct(potential) guests in a measurably effective way to the website and booking engine.

Integration of booking data


iConneqt works with a separate Transaction Database. Booking information is automatically captured in the Transaction Database by means of the developed connector (API) with booking engines and / or channel managers.
From there, the data is automatically captured in the individual customer files.

  1. There are insights in the detailed booking information within the digital customer file.
  2. On these data, it is easy to make database segmentations for targeted, effective email campaigns.
  3. Automatic processes on this data can be used (triggers) to develop automated personal email flows.
  4. A customer value is calculated automatically. Email campaigns based on the customer value data can be implemented as well.
  5. From the transaction database, live statistics are shown, data that provides insight into the relationship between email campaigns and booking behavior.


There are connectors available, among others from Amadeus/ RezExchange