Bouw de mooiste email campagnes. Snel en met alle creatieve vrijheid

Good data of potential guests and former guests. The basis.

Customer engagement

You want to motivate and inform. You want to send specific, relevant mails. Prerequisite is a smart database filled with information on potential guests as well as former guests. Local, national and international.

iConneqt offers you the possibilities. Standard.


A customised database

You are able to profile your various relations and simply make selections based on their characteristics.

Growth path?
You want to start off simply. Or you already have a lot of guest data and want to record these in a structured way in iConneqt.
No problem. It is easy to expand and adapt the database.
Any time!

Link to the booking engine

You want to be able to anticipate buying behavior.
On moments in time, on frequency, on booking profile and more.

iConneqt is an open system that can be linked to many external parties, including booking engines. An automatic link will be developed (API) or you will simply import data into the iConneqt database.


Simple CRM. Practical in the hotel business.

Fast & simple recording of guest information.
Quickly find and approach contacts, modify information.


– Direct insight into contacts: Newsletter subscribers, guests, business prospects.
– Easy recording of contact moments by phone, email and letter.
– Immediate insight into contact history, of colleagues as well.
– Smartphone reminders.



You communicate personally.
Even in campaigns with many thousands of emails.

  • All (potential) guest data are easy to integrate into your email campaigns.
  • Content can be tailored to the (potential) guest profile (B2B-B2C).
  • Content can be tailored to the location profile(Geo Targeting).
  • The sender can be modified from the location (Multi Location Marketing).


Smart and simple segmentation

You easily and limitlessly make selections in the database. On fixed custom fields, on variable custom fields, and on items such as interest shown from the email campaigns. Selections are saved and automatically supplemented with new guests or potential guests who meet the defined criteria.






  • Integrated with iConneqt-ClientFile for easy online customer management.
  • Straightforward importation of external data (CSV/Excel).
  • Easy data export.
  • Automated multiple 24/7 backups.
  • Links to external CRM, administration, and other open systems.
  • Option for multiple databases.
  • Comprehensive database statistics.


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