Boost your local F&B revenue

Building up your local turnover and your multi-local database
  • Food & Beverage Bar local market 59%
  • Food & Beverage Restaurant local market 73%
  • Weddings & Parties local market 69%
  • Meetings & Receptions local market 47%
  • Wellness & Beauty local market 58%

The power of multi-local hotel marketing

Starting to work structurally on the increase of the number of local guests in your restaurants/bars and your wellness and beauty selection could have a significant positive effect on the results.


  1. The local market within your F&B and wellness selection provides additional (recurring) turnover.
  2. When the locals frequent the restaurant and bar, hotel guests will stay in house more (read: additional income).
  3. With every guest (that you register), you build up a powerful national marketing database. You can use email campaigns to inspire enthusiasm for your holidays in other locations in a specific and relevant way.

How does it work. The outlines.

You work with two databases.


In addition to the standard marketing database holding information on guests and potential guests, iConneqt has a separate database with information from the branch. This one is flexible and can be customized, too.

In this database, you record the information that you want to use in the personal, local Newsletters, invitations, offers, etc. You communicate – centrally directed – from the local profile.

The campaign results will be better; you reinforce the local brand experience with every mailing.

iConneqt knows the residential location of all your (potential) guests. Also of the email addresses.


Often, you only know the email address of the subscribers to the Newsletter. That makes sense, because you want to make your conversion as high as possible, so keep the first step as simple as possible. Email address, name, done.

Then, iConneqt makes sure that the email address is matched to a degree of longitude/latitude on this globe. This means that the residential location of every email address is known (approximately).

The Dutch postal code database and the Statistics Netherlands residential database have been integrated.


Booking information has been provided with postal codes and other address details. It is possible to search iConneqt or to make selections based on postal codes or postal code areas.

Furthermore, insight is provided into the number of households that are located in every area in the Netherlands. That information too is available in iConneqt.

Postcode post NLCBS-Centraal bureau-statistiek-iConneqt

Each hotel has a local sales area.


A hotel doesn’t just offer products for the guests staying there.
The local market is important too for the restaurant, the bar, the rooms for meetings, parties and celebrations and the wellness and beauty selection.

With iConneqt you simply click on the map, or make choices based on postal codes or municipalities to decide what the sales area of a certain hotel is.

iConneqt links every (potential) guest to local sales areas. Automatically.


Multi-local database
Every address in the database is automatically linked to a branch. The central marketing database thus consists of different segments.

In practice this means that you can email, centrally directed, from the profile of the local branch.
And there is insight into the local market penetration in relation to the number of households in the hotel’s sales area.



Using intelligent email marketing techniques, you specifically promote your holidays.

Would you like to see this?

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