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Practical customer service support



Developed for efficient individual management of your customers. A part of the iConneqt platform – for free.


Efficient and customer friendly



(Potential) Guests call or send emails to Customer Service.
The digital customer card is quickly brought up through the email address. Also in the case of large files.

This means quick recognition of the guest.
Agreeable and natural for your contact. After all, we send him or her Newsletters on a weekly basis.


Direct insight for Customer Service

Customer Service has direct insight. Into all of the one-to-one moments of contact and into the delivery and reading behaviour of the (potential) guest relating to the email campaigns received.

Quick processing


  • Mutations in the guest data are processed directly.
  • On a guest level, it is transparent who has executed which mutation and when.
  • Complaints, questions, remarks and requests for information are processed quickly.
  • A time stamp and the name of the employee are added automatically to the notes made on the guest card.
  • Individual emails are sent to guests, simply through the company’s email system (Outlook, Google, etc.).


Promises are kept


  • The employees simply create a follow-up for themselves or for their colleagues.
  • A reminder is automatically sent by email at the desired moment.
  • The contact history is transparent. All of the one-to-one contact is recorded automatically. This way, the employee sees who has been in contact with a guest, when and about what, and if there remain any actions outstanding.


Insight into the reading behaviour in the email campaigns

Even with millions of sent emails per month, iConneqt records every action within the email campaigns automatically on the individual digital guest cards. This means the customer service employees can see if (potential) guests have received the emails and if and when they have opened them.



Among other things:

  • Easy to customise with regard to specific wishes and requirements.
  • Option for photographs in the contacts file (MICE market).
  • Search for contacts using different search keys.
  • Show contact groups based on selections.
  • Send a group of personal emails using your own email system.
  • Print personal letters in Microsoft Word.



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