iConneqt is not only used by large group of hotels

No investments in technology, management or maintenance. You simply pay for monthly use.
Free..the best ROI? ...or not everything is what it seems

The offer of suppliers of email marketing systems on the Internet is huge.
Our colleagues are located all over the world. There is much variation in pricing: from literally FREE to many thousands of Euros per month for software use and consultancy.

Of course there is not just a difference in price. Just like, for example, with cars, the differences, which are often great, are under the hood,  in quality, possibilities and support.

The most important question you should ask yourself is, according to iConneqt: How important are my guests and other relations to my hotel?

Duhh…… I can hear you think, that is a rhetorical question.
That is right, and yet we notice that sometimes even the larger organisations take the cheap or even free option. That may be a good solution, but it is contradictory to the importance of having a clear picture of your customers and being able to send emails efficiently. In that case, you will have to look a bit further.

The costs will surprise you.

The costs will surprise you, because they grow along with the size of the hotel chain.
This means that a smaller hotel chain can also make use of a complete and professional system like iConneqt. Larger hotel groups profit from low costs through the use of a graduated scale.
A bigger database and more frequent email traffic mean lower charges per customer.

Prices start at € 98,00 per month for a small hotel group.

This is the price for the whole iConneqt platform. We keep your data safe in the Netherlands.



The costs depend on various factors:

  • The number of contacts in the database that needs to be managed.
  • The number of persons that will be using iConneqt.
  • The number of emails that will be sent out monthly.
  • The one-off start-up costs (template development, importing contacts, and more)

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Eight good reasons for choosing iConneqt


    • Customer Centric. iConneqt is very complete. It has all the functionality you need in just one system. You literally put the focus on the customer.
    • Powerful DM. iConneqt is a powerful (Direct) Marketing instrument. The personalisation in particular offers many possibilities. This will influence your results in a positive way.
    • User Friendly.  iConneqt is very user-friendly and available in more languages. Your staff can start working immediately. You will save on operational costs.
    • Best Email Editor. In iConneqt you work with Julia, the most sophisticated email editor and… very easy to use.
    • Fast Delivery. iConneqt is fast, allowing you to plan your delivery well. Within 10 minutes you will enter the mailbox of thousands of customers and have immediate insight into the result.
    • Customer Management becomes simple. Without any extra costs, iConneqt-ClientFile will be available to you. The extremely practical online CRM system linked to your central database.
    • Data Protection. Your customer data are stored in Europe. This is important with regard to the legislation on privacy in countries such as the U.S.
    • Great Support. You will get support. Especially in the beginning it is nice (and efficient) to be able to call on the Helpdesk. A Helpdesk with experienced experts who will offer you advice and assistance.

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