Bouw de mooiste email campagnes. Snel en met alle creatieve vrijheid

You want to get to know your site's visitors. You want interaction.


Call to Action
To make bookings, of course. But you want to build up your database, so to request information as well. To subscribe, participate, register or amend their personal details. Including personal automatic follow-up actions. 24/7

You want to get to know your site's visitors. You want interaction.

Turn visitors into bookers


Use specific email campaigns to direct (potential) guests to your booking engine.

Your whole website is geared to optimization of the conversion to bookings. But not every website visitor turns into a booker right away. Indeed, most people delay their decisions.

Yes, you have set them in motion. You have made them enthusiastic or curious, but the bookings are postponed. Make sure that you use the tools to react interactively to shown interest. Turn visitors into bookers.
iConneqt offers you various options.



React to shown interest


You know the interest in your site from your email campaigns.

Traffic to the site from iConneqt offers interesting options.
You know the email address, at least. You know more about former guests.
iConneqt records the topics for which interest has been shown.

You can anticipate that interest, with specific follow-up emails. Automatically.
You structurally improve the result.




Make sure that your website visitors register. Build up your database.


More direct bookings mean your database needs to grow.
So you think up simple reasons for turning unknown visitors into “known” (potential) guests.

With iConneqt you have the tools. You easily create interactive web forms. For Newsletters, to receive a brochure, to receive an incentive. Immediately, you will send personal follow-up emails as a result of the new relation. Automatically. 24/7

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You welcome new Newsletter subscribers by email, day and night.
And personally.


Profile extension

You can simply request a little more information about your (potential) guest, any time.


Personal modification

Your (potential) guests can modify their details themselves through the website. 24/7



An email confirmation will immediately follow a request for information. Personal, 24/7



You can work with verified email addresses.
This could work better than logging on with a password.



There are various options for limiting cancellations to your Newsletter.



You can easily create or adapt web forms, including auto-responders.

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We will happily take you on a virtual stroll through iConneqt. Simply, at your work station. Or at home, or…